actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"A wave of actions have been reported during the last few weeks, mostly directed at the meat industry and its customers...

'Late Winter - Eskilstuna: Meatpackages have been cut open and destroyed in many stores.
/Etown Militant Veganizers'

'Spring - Örebro; Posters with pics of animal abuse was placed at mcdonalds in central Örebro! You can't close your eyes to animal abuse... ÖCV'

Örebro: Poster of animal abuse was placed at pizzeria kungen!

Tons of posters of animal abuse have been put up around örebro!

'March 3 - Eskilstuna: A big meat commercial was torn down at the station of Eskilstuna. A lady that went by gave us an encouraging smile.

March - Eskilstuna: Meat restaurant was sabotaged and spraypainted!

'Pizzeria kröken in eskilstuna has been spraypainted to the point that it starts to look like a graff wall! :)'

Galaxy pizzeria in strängnäs has been smashed

'March 26 - Eskilstuna: Several windows at MCdonald in eskilstuna centrum was crushed with the help of large rocks and stones.
till the abuse is totally crushed and all live free/