anonymous report:

"ALF Sweden sent a hoax mailbomb in a package to the scum who AGAIN have started to deal with fur at Andreassons in Gothenburg. We decided to let you know that we know what you do, we know where you live and we know how to make these work. You the people of Andreassons, Fredrik and the workers in the shop, stop selling fur. What you do is murder and nothing more or less. We don't harm humans physically, the fuse wouldn't be lit when it opens as we decided to not construct it like that, this is just a message to the scum: STOP SELLING FUR. - ALF - Animal Liberation Front"

"DBF, Djurens befrielsefront, skickade en bluff/fake brevbomb till pälshandlarna hos Andreassons i Göteborg, Fredrik och de som jobbar på Andreassons har ett val, sluta sälj päls. Päls är mord. Andreassons säljer päls återigen. Bomben var konstruerad med stubin som skulle ha antänts när brevet öppnas, men då vi i DBF inte skadar människor fysiskt så får ni se detta som en uppmaning till att sluta sälja päls bara. - DBF"