In the early hours of Sunday, March 14 as many as 4,000 mink were released from cages at a fur farm in Frankenförde (Brandenburg). In addition, dozens of cages were destroyed, the farm's water supply was damaged, and a lawn mower and other specialized machinery was destroyed. Farm owner Alfons Grosser reported damages of €180,000.

Grosser is President of the Zentralverband Deutscher Pelztierzüchter [Association of German Fur Breeders].

Farms operated by Grosser have been targeted several times before. In November 2009, 80 mink were released from cages at one of his farms in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. In February 2008, several hundred mink were freed at his farm in Söllichau (Saxony-Anhalt). A few months before that, thousands of mink were freed from his farm in Grabow (Saxony-Anhalt). And in January 2007, 700 empty cages were destroyed at one of his farms.