Received anonymously by activists in the UK:
Note: Harvey Nichols has since decided to stop carrying fur

"Earlier on in the year activists found out where Clive Morton, a director of Harvey Nichols lives. We decided to send out a clear message that if you screw with the animals we will screw with your head.

We watched and waited until we knew they were away and then got into their house. A great deal of information was discreetly removed and put to very good use in the following few days.

Some time later, using the Morton families own email accounts and an anonymous re-mailing program (to avoid being traced), emails were sent all over the place to ensure maximum damage to their social and business lives. We have no way of knowing for certain if they arrived at their destinations but as you will read below, if they did the affects would have been devastating!

Emails were sent from Clive Morton ( to the boss of Sue Morton (his wife) accusing him of having an affair with her.
Emails were sent from a 'drunken' Sue Morton ( to several of her work colleagues accusing them of being fat, behaving in a lecherous manner, being substance abusers, having affairs and being frightfully dull and disliked by the rest of the company. Many of these emails were cc'd to other employees of the firm.

Important business events that Sue Morton had been organizing for her work (she works for Gerald Eve) were cancelled very rudely. Sponsorship deals, tables at corporate functions, etc were affected.

Emails were sent to a number of family friends inviting them to extremely sordid 'swingers parties' and orgies at the Morton's Hertfordshire home. One of these friends was a former work mate of Clive Morton from his 15 years working for KPMG.

Magazine subscriptions were messed with. The name on Clive's subscription to 'Time Europe' magazine was changed to 'Mr N.O. Fur'!

Emails were sent to several social premises attended by the Mortons (example the Royal Philharmonic) asking if the premises could be hired for swingers events and orgies.
Clive Morton is a member of the British Airways Executive club. We sent them an email from him asking if they could make special arrangements for him and Sue to join the 'Mile High Club'!

Emails were sent to family friends telling them that they had been of some amusement over the years but that they had now become boring, not good enough, etc and that they should not contact the Mortons anymore.

Let this be a show of the determination of the animal rights movement to stamp out the increase of fur on the High Streets of Britain and let this be a warning to stores daring to sell real animal fur that we will not only protest outside your stores, houses and events you are attending but we will invade your privacy and do all we can to embarrass, anger and sabotage you.

The only way for businesses to ensure we don't focus on them is to remove ALL fur from their shelves immediately and to issue a public NO FUR policy."