received anonymously:

"This is an open letter to American Legend.

On Tuesday March, 15th and Wednesday March, 16th there was a cyber protest against your company's web sites. We hit your web servers with a distributed denial of service attack. This was done in protest to your murderous acts of selling slaughtered animals for vanity. Over 50 million animals are killed and used for their fur every year, for nothing more than simple vanity and status symbols, and we will work our hardest to make that number 0.

We will stop at nothing to achieve our ultimate goal of eradicating American Legend (formerly Seattle Fur Exchange). We will be back, and chances are, it will be before the next auction.

You profit off the helpless animals you cage and kill every fucking day. American Legend must cease to exist. Find another job.

Next time we will hit with full force. Next time you will not be able to prepare for the tactics used against you. We are in it to win it and allowing your company to continue to sell fur is not an option.

Stop the murdering, torturing and capturing of innocent animals today.

-The 'Fuck American Legend' Foundation"