Received anonymously by activists in Argentina:

"During the night of Thursday 11th of March, a small group of vegan activists went through the streets of the city center of Buenos Aires with paint, pamphlets, and other commando tools, to attack the places of abuse, torture, and murder of animals.

Any animal abusing place that we found was graffiti'ed. We visited butchershops, furshops, petshops, chinchilla breeders and others.

We have made the abusers know that there is a group of commited vegans who are going to fight them with direct action, and show humans how animals are suffering. This is maybe the beginning of many more and bigger actions. For us something very good has been born, for you (abusers) something very bad.

We know that this hasn´t been a huge action, but for the activists involved in it, it means the beginning of a new conscience and a new front in the war for animal liberation in this area of the planet.

The Vegan Family Cell
Animal Liberation Front Argentina"