anonymous press release:

"Over the weekend the green wedgers struck again, this time against the future developers of the green wedge:

Summerfield Development
South Road
Tel: 01823 257961

We climbed over the pathetic excuse for a gate proceeding to glue the door lock, spray paint slogans such as 'hands off vivary wedge' 'cut the contract' and 'scum' before paint stripping a car that was left there. Hopefully the vehicle belonged to an executive of the company, either way we expect them to pick up the bill for it.

Since the 'public debate' concerning the green wedge has closed all that is now left is direct action. No longer will we leave our trust in councils and politicians that have for too long failed our community. Our intention is for the company to end their involvement with the project due to the substantial costs in clearing up the mess, thus canceling the plans to build on our green land. These companies care more about their pockets than the environment so that is where we will hit them.

However for Councilor Ross Henley to say we are 'damaging the environment' with our actions is an attempt to detract attention away from the environment he is planning to destroy! Further more our economic sabotage is far from pointless; rather it is an effective non-violent tactic recognised within social movements.

In solidarity with ALF and ELF prisoners, we will be back."