Compiled by activists in Germany:

"January 2004

Turku - 4 fur shops in Turku attacked. Slogans painted with etching fluid on altogether 12 windows. One of these shops had it's lock glued, too.

Helsinki - 6 fur shops attacked in Helsinki, the shops were Fogerholm & Storbacka, Grunstein Boutique, Juno-Tex, Turkis Silventoinen, Selenius, ja Salre-Turkis. Etching fluid was used to write slogans on all together 20 windows.

Helsinki - Fogelblom & Storbacka had it's front (windows, doors, sun blind) messed up with red paint, and 2 locks were glued.

Helsinki - Fur Silvennoinen's shop front was also covered with red paint.

Turku - Fur shop Vihervuori: one huge window smashed.

Helsinki - Rahinkainen fur shop had it's lock glued.

Helsinki - Juno-Tex fur shop lost over 15 windows during January.


Helsinki - (1.2) Four fur shops attacked: Juno-Tex, Grunstein, Silventoinen ja Fögelblöm & Storbacka. 15 windows painted with etching fluid and 2 locks glued.

Tampere - A furrier had it's window smashed.

Turku - (20.2) Fur shop Vihervuori: one huge window smashed. Another shop (Rasanen): 2 windows smashed.

Helsinki - (28.2) Fur shop Junotex - 3 windows smashed."