As reported by local media in the UK:

Father's fury at lobster vandals
A fisherman and single parent has offered a £2,000 reward to catch thugs who freed his lobsters, wrecked his boat and splashed his home with paint.

Jonathan Lander, 42, has been unable to work since his boat was broken into at Chapman's Pool, Dorset, on 13 June.

Mr Lander lives nearby with his sons aged nine and 11.

He told BBC News Online: "They couldn't have picked an easier target. I'm a single father and they have taken away the tools of my job. It is pointless."

It is the second time vandals have targeted Mr Lander in a matter of weeks.

Overnight on 24 May, his boat, boathouse and about 50 lobster pots were vandalised on the slipway at Chapman's Pool.

In the latest incident, Mr Lander's boat was seriously damaged, 30 live lobsters were released from their pots, and red paint was thrown over four more pots in the garden of his house in the nearby village of Worth Matravers.

He said: "The boat was smashed up, there was general destruction and they even threw parts of the boat into the water.

"The engine was pretty much brand new and it is wrecked.

"I also had paint chucked around my house.

"I can't go to work at the moment and am losing all my wages."

Family tradition

Five generations of the Mr Lander's family have fished in the waters off the Purbeck coast, with his brother's son becoming the latest to join the tradition.

He said: "The family are very, very upset - it has really panicked my dad, who is a retired fisherman, and the whole fishing community.

"The support I've had from the community has been incredible - everyone has been brilliant and have offered to help me in any way I need."

Pc Jonathan Maunder, of Swanage police, said: "These acts of vandalism have been both upsetting and very annoying for Mr Lander - not to mention expensive.

"To anyone who has information that could help my investigation, I would say please come forward as soon as possible for the sake of the Lander family."