Reported by the Russian ALF-SG:
view the photos from the raid:

"On the night 8 May 2004, 110 rats and 5 rabbits disappeared from the laboratory of Moscow State University Biological Deportment. These animals were used in experiments against alcoholism and drugs. Rats were fed drugs and alcohol, and rabbits had electrodes inserted in their heads.

When vivisectors came to work, they found the doors of their laboratory, all animal cages and equipment broken, the walls of the lab were spray-painted with signs which read: "No Experiments on Animals!", "Shame on Vivisection!" etc.

Communique released a few days later confirmed that the action was carried out by the Russian Animal Liberation Front (RALF) activists. It said that not a single animal was left in the lab and that all of them are now safe in good homes.



20 days after the event, RALF activists decided to visit the lab again. Their goal was to see whether there were any new animals in the lab. First they found a new door, this time a metal one with security camera. RALF activists broken of the door into the lab. There were no animals inside.

Lab employees and militia people could not figure out how animal liberators got into the building and left it with all the animals without being noticed. Militia people are carrying investigation now."