Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:
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"On the night of June 15, a cell of the Swedish Animal Liberation Front, ALF, placed several incendiary devices at the main building at Skyberga mink farm, Sweden. The building was burned down.

This farm has thousands of mink on his farm and a few years back he became a hero in the fur farming industry, after capturing 3 animal rights activists on his farm, and has since claimed that no one can get him.

The war against the fur industry will get harder. No longer will we look at the minks and other animals on the fur farms and be silent. If we cant get the animals because of increased security then we are going after your buildings, homes and maybe the fur farmers themselves.

We have to fight the fur industry internationally and once for all smash them. Our solidarity goes out to our friends in Spain, Finland, Norway, England, Holland, Germany, the US and everywhere else where people fight.

This is a reminder to all of you that was once active, that are active or thinking about getting active in direct action for the animals. get your hands dirty and get the job done. And do it now.

The animals has no one but us and we cannot let them down.

Swedish ALF"