Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"13th June 2004

Like avenging angels we struck. Head-lights smashed, tyres slashed, wind screens shattered and cables cut on cement mixing and digging vehicles at the RMC quarry, Attenborough, Nottingham.

RMC we know your plan is to build the animal torture centre in Oxford as quickly as possible to minimize retaliation against you, but this plan is fatally flawed, as not only are you up against the majority of public opinion but you are also up against the animal liberation movement and we are getting very, very angry!!!

Sever you contract with Oxford University, as if you don't actions against you are only set to increase and you will end up remaining on the ALF hit-list as a valid and high-profile target for many, many years to come.

RMC do the compassionate thing, as however much blood-soaked money you make from this contract we will ensure you spend even more repairing the damage we cause to your property.

Until every cage is empty