Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Another hit on BOC gasses employees and their sister company Gist.

Flaming June was launched with several attacks on their vehicles. these actions included acid attacks on all their cars and no tyres left inflated.

BOC and Gist are real hands on torturers and murderers and we intend to keep up actions against them until they pull out from Huntingdon. Our motivation is stronger than anything driven by greed. We know that BOC is a very specialised supplier, so we intend to give them very special treatment.

Those targetted included;

Mr Damian A Bates
22 Bowmans close
West sussex

Mr Stephen E. Ormrod
17 Southlands Avenue
East Grinstead
West sussex

Mr Nigel J Gibbins
13 Patcham Mill road
Stone cross
East Sussex

Mr Christopher Marsay
71 Mallard Place

Mr Andrew J Tolfrey
31 Lady Margaret Rd
West Sussex"