Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"On Tuesday 2nd june an angry and determined animal liberation front team descended on the RMC site at Dunnington with the sole intention of putting the filthy animal abuse collaborators under the cosh and costing them a fortune.

For two hours the team reeked havok and destruction with axes and crobars on anything that didn't get up and run away, leaving the site in ruins. Damage included various vehicles including three site lorries two bulldozers one tractor one water pump, damage included tyres punctured electrics, pneumatics, and hydraulics cut, windows lights etc smashed, sand and gravel poured into fuel tanks, oil fillers, and transmissions. On site mains electrics chopped to peices, electrical fuse boxes and other electrical installations smashed, deisel tanks spilled and pumps smashed.

This site will not work in the near future and the message to RMC is clear, your interest in the new animal torture facility at oxford will only last so long but if you dont pu ll out we will not forgive you and our interest in you will last for years."