Reported by the Swedish ALF - SG:

"Djurens Befrielsefronts Stodgrupp (DBF SG) report:

15 may, Gothenburg: A furrier got his house and 3 cars painted and vandalized. - DBF

20 may, Uppsala: The local chinchilla farmer got his house, car port and mailbox painted. "The actions will be continued till he stops murdering chinchillas for fur. - DBF"

23 may, Gothenburg: 2 fur shops (Kajs and Christins) had slogans painted on windows and fasades.

25 may, Eskilstuna: Circus posters destroyed.

26 may, Malmkoping: "76 rabbits liberated by the swedish ALF. The rabbits were bred for meat and fur. Unfortunatly we couldn't take every rabbit at the farm. But we are happy for the 76 rabbits which can now live as rabbits should live. At the farm they had 'lived' in dirty cages. The curious look the liberated rabbits gave us when they carefully took the pieces of apple we gave them, during a break in the trip to their new homes, will forever give us a feeling of happiness.
For the animals; DBF (Djurens BefrielseFront)"