reported on Liberacion Total:

"Last night we went for the scoundrels who sell furs of animals in Florida Street. Their shops are full of mortal remains of animals that wanted to continue staying alive. But they were caught and murdered.

We padlocked and sealed up a great quantity of keyholes of around ten shops of death. This doesn’t affect them at all, compared with the horror and suffering they cause. But today are their shops, tomorrow their cars, houses and at the end themselves. There won't be peace without justice.

With these little strokes we encourage the ones who look for animal liberation to take actions which cause damage to the exploiter. Every act is valid. Let’s steal their peace, as they do with the other animals.

A salute to our comrade Tortuga* and all our comrades struggling against the system of domination with more than just words."

*Luciano "Tortuga" Pitronello is a Chilean activist who was seriously injured on June 1 when a device he was placing outside a bank in Santiago exploded prematurely.

"En la noche de ayer fuimos por lxs miserables que venden pieles de animales por la kalle Florida. Sus lokales estan llenos de restos de vidas que kerian seguir viviendo, las kuales fueron atrapadas y asesinadas.

Pusimos un kandado y sellamos las numerosas cerraduras de aproximadamente 10 lokales de muerte. Esto no les afecta ni en una minima porcion a komparacion del terror y sufrimiento ke generan, pero hoy son sus lokales, mañana sus autos, kasas y ellxs mismxs. Sin justicia no habra paz.

Kon acciones pekeñas komo estas alentamos a kienes busken la liberacion animal, a actos individuales ke perjudiken a lxs explotadorxs. Todas las acciones suman, kitemosles la paz komo ellxs lo hacen kon lxs demas animales.

Un saludo al kompa Tortuga y a todxs lxs ke luchan kontra el sistema de dominacion mas alla de las palabras."