anonymous report:

"Tonight we took action against one of Vancouver's cruelest businesses- SPEISER FURS.

We brought a backpack with us and in it was an industrial pressurized chemical sprayer with a two foot long spraying wand. We inserted the spraying wand into their mail slot and sprayed 4 litres of a highly corrosive chemical onto their racks of jackets. The pressurized sprayer has the ability to reach more than 25 feet so we are confident that we were able to soak almost every rack in the store. We made sure to glue the locks on the front and back entrance to delay them from gaining access to the store in the morning allowing the chemical to cause sufficient damage to the pelts.

This act of economic sabotage was done in solidarity with the 12 Spanish activists who were arrested and detained on bogus charges.


Animal activists are not terrorists. The sick individuals who electrocute fur bearing animals in the anus and skin them while their innocent hearts are still beating are the true terrorists.

We won't stop until they do.


According to media reports, $50,000 worth of fur and leather coats were destroyed in the action.

Click here to learn more about the twelve animal rights activists who were arrested in Spain on June 22.