actions from early 2011; reported anonymously:

"A liberation took place at a ship in the waters outside of Stykkishólmur, Iceland. Many urchins, starfish, crabs and shellfishes were saved from the unsensitive fishermen and the lousy tourists.
What started as a secret little liberation went to creating a domino effect that made many of the passengers spontaneously save animals, by taking them from the knifeholding fishermens killing table, and throwing them back to their home; the sea!

People at the ship could have chosen just standing there, letting the innocent die, but they listened to their cries- and did what it told. Saving there life- The entire world for them. It was fine to see random people showing such compassion.

No one in the world can stop us from saving innocent lives, species does not matter.
/ALF Iceland"

"A giftshop in Reykjavik with tons of stuffed puffins, and other animals got their glass windows smashed.

"-A big meat commercial was destroyed by the road close to Reykjavik.