anonymous report:

"Tonight we took a baton and some glueing stuff to make troubles for Fiorucci in Göteborg in Sweden. We arrived at their cruel animal-abusing fur shop and insantly saw that the door had steel bars and we then tried to smash the windows but this was a surprise to us, the windows has been replaced with armoured windows, we smashed the strong baton against the windows time after time but it did nothing but some scratches, we abandoned this plan and escaped the scene fast as we had made some loud noises.

So now all of you ALF activists out there knows this, FIORUCCI HAS ARMOURED / BULLET-PROOF WINDOWS. We will use our other methods against these scum next time. You just wait Lotta Alfredsson, you old animal-abusing hag, we will make your life a living hell and that's for sure if you don't stop selling fur clothes.

- ALF Sweden"