reported anonymously:

"Last night we went to Slottsskogen in Göteborg where they keep seals and penguins locked up. We pulled up hoods to cover our faces from cameras while we sprayed down a security and meetings house with ALF slogans such as 'animal abuse', 'scum', and so on. We sprayed on a wall right to the entrance: 'animal abusers'.

We then sprayed down the entire bird cage/bird-house with similiar slogans. Since it was dark we could take at least 5 minutes to do this so we covered it good in paint and anti-animal abuse slogans, then we sprayed down some signs and sprayed over some direction arrows to the animal cages to mess with the tourists/visitors.

We walked down to the seals where we sprayed down all windows and walls to the seal prison.

On the ground, some metres away from a entrance to the park, we left in giant black letters: ANIMALS ARE ABUSED HERE - TURN AROUND