actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:


"Lots of meat packages were cut open in 4 of Örebros food shops - Krämren, Lågpris Klippet, Lucullus and ekershallen. Paper signs with 'Djurens Befrielsefront' was put around the meat. NO MORE MEAT!
Djurens Befrielsefront"

"DBF was written at the steps of Giuseppes skinnverkstad, a skin repairing/selling company.


"We cut the cables at the fishwagon at willys. No more power to the abuse! To drag fish up out of their home, the water, is even more cowardly and mean than sinking a helpless human baby...
Peace to the fish - WAR AGAINST THE FISHERS

"Some ham commercials got cut
Animal Friends"

"The flags of the capitalist ultramurderers of 'GB Glace' (Unilever owned) we took out of sight!
These icecreams are here as a result of raped cows, murdered calves, stolen milk - that's for your 'summer ice'. The company of Unilever is also UNSCRUPULOUS, as all profithorny oppressors - they have lots of blood on their hands. They have done animal testing throughout the years and their products are many times harmful for peoples health and the earth. They have, like the murderers of nestlé, enslaved countless people to.
vegan icecr**m lovers..."

"GB/Unilevers plastic 'Icecream man', icecream commercial banner + their sign, we ruined.
vegan ice' lovers"