anonymous communique:

July 22d 2010, Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

The breakwater piers at Scheveningen harbour are famous sport fishing spots.
Here, the fat of the land fill their days with torturing innocent animals for pleasure.
Those people should get a job.
But now they're doing their sick business among texts like "sport fisherman - animal torturers!" and "fish feel pain!", which have been painted on the street at the end of the breakwater piers, along with an A.L.F-sign.

Now your children, which you introduce into your cruel "hobby", will not only ask "doesn't that hurt the fish?", but also: "Why are they writing that we're animal torturers?"

And think of all the tourists, who now can see you killing and torturing animals among those texts...
So many, you can view them here:

At the other side of Scheveningen harbour, at the Dr. Lelykade 68, there is sport fishing shop "Albatros".
This redneck makes his money selling torture tools.
In the shop window, you can see pictures of the owner of the store, posing proudly with the innocent animals he has tortured and killed.
What more proof of animal cruelty do you need?

Therefore, the lock of his main entrance was glued.

This act of love and compassion was done to give a voice, to those who cannot speak for themselves.

"Mitleid ist die hochste Form der Liebe - vielleicht die Liebe selbst"
Heinrich Heine

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Nosie Katzmann

Fish Liberation Front."