Received anonymously by activists in the UK:
NOTE: RMC has since abandoned the Oxford Lab project

"Whilst the newly employed security guards at the RMC gravelpits in Attenborough, Nottinghamshire fiddled with themselves in their caravan, we slashed the tyres on their 2 cars parked nearby. The recently installed floodlights only made it that much easier to see what we were doing. Stay alert scumbags, the ALF is watching you.

On the same night cables were also cut on an RMC owned JCB digger in neighbouring Derbyshire.

RMC we'll stop when you stop supporting animal torture. Follow Montpelliers lead and sever your contract with the Oxford torture centre as even threats from the Home Office of using the army to protect you will not deter us.

We have long lost faith in our corrupt, deceitful govermnent. We have long lost trust and confidence in their promises. We refuse to continue being brutalized, constantly filmed, harrassed and arrested whilst on lawful demonstrations. We can see that peaceful protests are increasingly being vigourously controlled, repressed and frowned upon by the state, [who now walk arm-in-arm with the pharnmaceutical companies] and we can see that in order to defend non-human animals legal means are simply not enough. It is for this reason, that under cover of drkness we have to and we will continue to carry out covert attacks in the name of animal liberation. Until all are free, ALF."