Received anonymously by activists in Holland:

"Animal testing lab Covance target of animal rights activists

23-07-04 A cooperative effort of activists from Holland and Germany, under the name 'actioncampaign Koen', did a non violent direct action against animal testing lab Covance at the Oude Dijkweg in Zeist.

By smashing all the windows from the lower floor, activists tried to make clear that Covance has to stop with animal research. The action that took place on the 10th of July, has been carried out in solidarity with the campaign, runned by german activists for a few years, to close down Covance laboratories in Munster.

The activists make clear that earning your money from an industrialized from of animal abuse and exploitation that they call animal research has to be stopped. Real scientists choose for research with alternatives to animals. Live on earth is not being threatened by humans, but by a political and economical system. The fight against centres as the BPRC and Covance is aimed to the liberation of the earth and all het inhabitants, liberation from a system that will lead us to destruction.

For years activists in the Netherlands have been running a very intense and succesfull campaign against the BPRC in Rijswijk. They do this by means of a no compromise campaign of diverse actions. Among other things the gates at the BPRC were blocked, picketlines take place, offices get occupied and leaflets and posters are being distributed. This protest let to the an enormous decrease of tests on chimpansees and the HIV reserach got stopped. From this you can see thet research the BPRC is doing to disease like HIV are complete useless. Scientists already found out years ago that animals recat different fronm people. Its time for the government to wake up and stop the yearly subsidy to the centre. The activists have the opinion that all the companies who have ties with the BPRC are also responsible for the animal suffering in the centre. Activists won't stop their actions untill the BPRC has closed down."