actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:


"we destroyed all the oppression coMmercials of Eskilstuna Halal
Animal Liberation Front Eskilstuna"

"We smashed the windows out of the conservative right wing party KD. It is because of them and 3 other semi-nazi, bourgeois parties that there is still mink farms left. They broke the agreement they signed to close this lawbreaking industry by the end of 2010. They made their empty promise in 2003 so they really had time. They actually had the power alone to say NO to this holocaust, because the other semi-nazi parties depend on them. Like most cowards in politics they didnt have the guts to stand up for the animals.
ALF Eskilstuna with friends..."

"A Hummer car got it windows smashed. This cars is not just 'dick extenders' that pollutes the hell out of earth with much higher co2 effluent that a usual car.
These cars represent so much more also, the greed and mindlessness of the western civilization.