received anonymously:

"On the early hours of Monday 19th July, Highgate Farm in Lincolnshire, UK was visited and information was gathered to be used in the future against this lab animal breeder.

But before leaving we wanted to make sure that Geoffrey Douglas, the owner of the 'farm' was left under no illusion to what we think of his animal abusing ways and to remind him that we're not bothered by his noisy alarm system or his security lights (thanks it helped us see where your delivery vans were). We lit up the night sky in our own way as flames engulfed the vehicles, make sure you tell your insurance company that you are a high risk customer. You are quite isolated on Highgate Lane and we're sure to return and leave more messages until you do the right thing and pull out of animal abuse once and for all.

The rabbits and ferrets you breed and send to their torture and death in labs across the UK will not be forgotten and scream out for justice. We'll be back when you least expect it until you stop your vile business for good. This is just a little warning, if we have to come back again the next time we will not be so nice.

You only have one choice, make it soon...
For the animals we will fight.