Reported by local activists in Italy:

"A phisiology lab in the new University centre of Urbino (Italy) has been raided on july the 13th. 30 rats in their cages have been delivered to freedom and spraypainted messages left saying "today we liberate - tomorrow we'll be after you " or "You against them , we against you", and some newspapers report also minor damages at food or equipment. The action has been claimed by the ALF with a phone call at news agencies.

The rats were used for experiments to find out which factors are connected to the weight loss after exercising. The vivisectors said they were well treated and complain about the fact they'll be surely dead since they think the Alf left them in the gardens around the university (!). They even said the only lucky rat is the one left inside the lab.... Of course this is just bad propaganda, nothing else.

They also stated that other University labs in the same city had spraypainted messages or paint thrown at them lately."