actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"Outside Willys in Eskilstuna our first attack against the fish exploitation took place. We snached all the christmas-looking lightwire down and dark it became. We also trashed all their shitty commercials, and made all their price lists out of use! For all fishes

"The fishwagon Outside ICA-Ekängen in Eskilstuna was targeted. All their pricelist/commercials and other stuff was damaged and destroyed/hidden.
LIFE has no price, At ICA ekängen now that's shown literally
If you hurt the fish! we have NO REGRETS...
E.T.F.F. /E-Town Fish Friends"

"Fish and shellfish commercial material was put out of use in Marieberg Centrum

"Outside Marieberg centrum Värmland/Närke pizzas equipment was stolen and hidden