Bite Back has received photos and a note of explanation about a November 5, 2008 raid at the University of São Paulo. Media reports at the time noted that a microscope and computers were damaged, telephones wires were cut, and research materials dumped on the floor. Click here for more photos from the action.

received anonymously:

"After all the activities during the International Week of Animal Liberation in Brazil, we feel obligated to report this action as well, in order to publicise what is going on at vivisection labs all around.

This action happened and wide noticed here in Brazil, just after it. We haven't had it on the web because of security issues. We got in the science lab of malaria (USP) and we destroyed about 10 years of research on mices and some primates. We caused economic damage of something about R$ 70.000,00 on equipment and sabotage.

The action took one hour and with surgical precision made, where the objective was to get in, raise data about abusers and to destroy equipment and the research itself. We were reminded of Barry Horne's sacrifice and the International day of direct action. Today we give society the true story of what have happened in that lab.

Therefore, here is the original letter and pictures of the action to become public today, on the last day of the International Week of Animal Liberation in Brazil"