Received anonymously by activist in the USA:

"Thursday, June 8, 3:30am.

A group of ALF activists entered BYU's Ellsworth Meat and Livestock facilities, this time not to liberate, but to sabotage. Messages declaring war against animal testing were painted in red letters across the facilities and property within. Along with them, the initials A.L.F. were painted several times.

Before leaving, the activists rigged the building with explosives and flammables and lit them ablaze along with two vehicles. They burned for nearly half an hour as the firemen were slow to respond due to the roadways all being blocked with chained gates. A threat was called in to FOX news later that morning, 'These actions will not stop until BYU ends their testing on animals. You call us terrorists because we break your property laws. To us, they are nothing more than artificial constructs. We answer to a higher law.'"