Range Rover

anonymous communique (photo: Zanone Fraissat/FolhaPress):

"We, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), claim the action that happened on Friday dawn, 1:20 am, at a Land Rover car dealership at Marginal Pinheiros, next to Eusébios Matoso bridge. Eight cars were destroyed, causing approximately 1,6 millions of Reais (Brazilian currency) in damages.

This action took place during the celebration of the International Animal (human and non-human) and Earth Liberation Week, on Brazil. The target this time was simply picked due to the leadership of Land Rover on the manufacturing, selling SUV’s, automobiles that are highly polluting and non environment friendly. To accomplish this action, molotov’s were tossed on the cars, a simple cheap and efficient way of causing economic damage. The material used costed 10 Reais (Brazilian currency), approximately.

We won’t simply watch Earth destruction and do nothing about it. The same way those cars burnt others will, Just like houses, trucks, and commercial establishments that exploit or abuse the Earth and the animals.

It is about time that this civilization get it pillars down.

This action was done in the name of all the prisioners of total liberation.

We support you!