Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

"One thursday morning not too long ago, Doctor James D. Walters woke up to find it was a beautiful sunny day. Today was going to be a great day, he thought to himself while munching on a breakfast scone, because today he was going to be giving an important speech at a Medical Conference in Northern New Jersey. How exciting!

Straigtening his necktie, he walked out the door with his hair freshly gelled and his necktie on tight. But oh no! Someone had covered his car and his SUV with spray painted messages and written "no brakes!" in very large letters on the windshield. not only were his cars ruined, but how was he going to get to that conference with no car to drive?

turning around to run in his house and call his friendly police officer, he was shocked again. his lovely house, including the new addition, was covered with ugly ugly graffiti like "drop HLS!"

You see, Dr. Jim works for Yamanouchi PharmaAmerica. This is what happens to people whose companies pay HLS to torture animals."