reported by Animal Freedom Aotearoa (more images from the rescue here):

"Over the last month we have been on a couple of rescue missions to broiler and battery hen farms in South Auckland. We rescued four broilers from a farm just days before they were due to be killed. When we entered the shed the broilers, about six weeks of age, were wing to wing throughout the shed with little room to move about. The absence of cages does not prevent their movement being restricted in these conditions. Fortunately for the four who we rescued they will never have to suffer such confinement again. They are now free to play in the grass and enjoy the sun!

We also rescued and re-homed 14 battery hens. On our first trip to the farm one of our rescuers spoke of a hen who watched her every movement through a hole in the shed wall. When we returned last week she was there in the same position watching us through the same hole, as if waiting for us to come and take her some place better. It was our privilege to do this for her and she will now spend her days outside with her other chicken friends dust bathing, pecking and doing what ever else takes her fancy :)

This action is dedicated to the ALF and open rescue groups through out the world risking their own freedom to give animals theirs.

Much love and respect. Animal Freedom Aotearoa."