Received anonymously by activists in Germany:


During the early hours of Saturday 25th January, individuals that were restless with Yamanouchi's involvement with animal torture and HLS paid Yamanouchi a visit at their German HQ in Leimen, south of Heidelberg.

Yamanouchi Pharma GmbH
Im Breitspiel 19, 69126 Heidelberg
Tel: 06221 3434-0
Fax: 06221 3434-14

Yamanouchi's slogan is "Creating and caring. For life". Well we know that Yamanouchi creates unnecessary torture and doesn't care for animals.

All Yamanouchi's cars in their basement garage had paint stripper poured on them, along with "new" paint jobs. Also some motorbikes were paid the same attention. Messages where left on the walls of the building, "Yamanouchi - Mšrder Hunde (Murder Dogs), and other messages about HLS.

Don't ever forget Yamanouchi (and all other abusers of animals) we'll be back time and again until you stop your torture and abuse behind the closed doors of Huntingdon. Pull out of HLS and stop experimenting on animals or we'll see you soon.

"For the countless animals that suffer behind the locked doors of animal concentration camps across the world - we will avenge you"