Received anonymously by UK activists:

"Night life was a little dull so we thought we'd have a smashing time in the industrial area of Macclesfield. Tracked down some new friends, HLS fans Phenomenex and took hammers to their glass work. Their big main window went smash, as well as the window on their rather over-the-top security door.

This is just one action of many to come against Phenomenex for supplying lab equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences. Don't underestimate us, we certainly don't believe that a company as up to its neck in vivisection as Phenomenex is going to call it quits after one night of trouble. It's up to every single one of us to make sure that Phenomenex is driven out of supporting Huntingdon Life Sciences, because as long as they're still supplying equipment to Huntingdon, and Huntingdon is benefitting from their business relationship then more and more animals are going to die. It's the responsibilty of everyone reading this communique to drive a thick wedge between Phenomenex and HLS.

Relentlessly phone them, email them, fax them - make sure they can't even answer their phones in the morning without hearing the term "Puppy Killler", make sure that everytime they load up their computers their inbox crashes with floods of emails and that their fax machine print cartridges are running out of ink. This company is going to need more than a couple of smashed windows to shift - start fighting them back, start attacking their directors in their homes.

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