Received anonymously by UK activists:

"Alan White has blood on his hands. As director of Emerson he quite happily lives a glorious life style of fancy cars and big houses. He pays for this by not having any sort of business ethics what so ever. He is quite happy to harbor companies such as Yamanouchi in the offices he leases out, and because of this and our global campaign against Yamanouchi he and his company are a major target of our home attacks. We covered his house in blood-red spray paint, slashed all his tyres on his lovely silver Mercedes, twisted it's bonnet logo backwards and drowned it in paint-stripper. This is just start, if Yamanouchi won't leave Huntingdon then Yamanouchi will be forced to leave the country.

Alan White's details are as follows: 42 Woodside Lane, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire.