actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"The activist focus much on the meat industry. There is no more fur left in this region, so the meat industry is now the N.1 target for most activists:

'Örebro: VICTORY FOR THE ANIMALS!: A very delayed report: however after several actions against magic pizzeria it is now closed. All the building is sprayed down and windows are still broken.

The simple reason is that they sell the flesh from innocent beings, (especially kebab),- which brings undescribable suffering to the cows. Our planet has to suffer from it too of course; deforestation, global warming, water pollution... Food for human beings also gets wasted by this greedy industry and peoples health gets fucked. So it is really about Total Liberation.
This is not the only torture 'food' place that has ben attacked in the last years, but seem to be the first one to close down. But not the last...

Go Vegan FOR LIFE.
Örebro City Vguns'

'All the commercials from the new "village fresh food", kebab place has been torn down.

'Meat commercials at Ali baba is taken down again. They sell much of the extreme cruel hallal meat. Animals bleed to death here.