Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"In the early hours of Monday morning we paid a visit to the home of Gordon Carter, 17 Nevill Park, Kent TN4 8NN, director of Vitech security, supplier of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Carter lives in a plush home located down a private road on the edge of Royal Tunbridge Wells. We waited until his downstairs lights went out and sabotaged the three cars in his driveway while he was upstairs watching television! Paint stripper was applied to every panel of the three cars, costing thousands to re-spray, a nice little compliment to the thousands Huntingdon pay Vitech. Also eight tyres were punctured, including two on a very nice silver Mercedes. Lastly, graffiti detailing his name, address and rather sordid interests was littered through out his neighbourhood.

Since this action Vitech have made a statement to above ground campaigning groups stating that they will severe their links with HLS. The relentless phone calls, emails, faxes and acts of non-violent guerrilla sabotage must have ground down these ruthless thugs.

Let this serve as a warning to any company that thinks it can profit neatly from the exploitation of thousands of animals, humans and the environment at establishments like Huntingdon Life Sciences - we will track you down and make you pay dearly, every single one of you.

Until all are free,

Animal Liberation Front"