Fortress Investment

Update: Karim Bohn no longer works at Fortress

translation of anonymous communique (photo:

"WHEN: 5-1-2010, Night time!

WHERE: Karim Bohn

In the night of 5 on 6 January the M.F.A.H. has operated by placing incendiary devices at the car of Karim Bohn, Vice President at Fortress Investment. Fortress Investment lends money to the filthy business of Huntingdon Life Sciences, they are the main investor!

The M.F.A.H. hopes Fortress Investment gets the point, when our family on earth, the animals, are getting threatened and murdered by evil human beings wearing white lab coats, that there will be caring human beings waging a militant war against those evil people and companies responsible, including any company supporting these evil businesses.

Bad luck to you Karim that the fire brigade couldn't get through because of a too small street and too many cars ha! What do you think that will happen when we would set fire to your house once you and Jörg Dietrich Beyer are off to work, no fire brigade for you we guess!

When words are not enough direct action will be taken against you Fortress Investment. Drop HLS now or one of you will be next...

And remember, we know you've been filthy liars. Andrew Baker can tell you what he wants, in the end he is the same like all the other corporate scum, it's about making money, on the back of innocent lives. There's nothing that can stop us from making this your worst nightmare in the whole Fortress Investment Group History.

Withdraw the loans given to HLS and stop any business with them, and your company's future will look a lot more positive.

M.F.A.H. Deutschland 2010"