As reported by the Norwegian DFF (ALF) Infoservice:


-Fire at empty mink farm
News sources report that friday evening (2.1.2004) a fire started at an empty minkfarm in Harstad (Kilbotn). There was no animals in the farm and there was newer any danger to harm life. Police says that they suspect the fire is started, as they se suspicious footprints forth and back to the farm from a passing road. The norweigan ALF - Dyrenes Frigjøringsfront (DFF) - has also claimed in a recent press-release that they will target the furindstry with more actions in 2004. The police suspects it may have connection to the DFF, but says it's to early to say.

-Another Furshops smashed and painted (inside/outside)
The fur shop "Pelsmesterene AS" i Ski (Østfold) got all windows broken and painted. Through wholes in the broken windows there was thrown more paint. The owner of the shop says the damage costs several hundred thousands Norwegian Kroner (NKR). In a press-release the norwegian ALF - DFF - claims responsibilety for the action and say they will come back
again and again untill it closes down. DFF also says this action are a part of a new offensive stategy aganist the norwegian fur industry.

In the last four days at least five different furshops, in four different cities have been targetted with extensive damage to windows and through paint thrown in through broken windows.

A reprsentative for the furdealer-alliance says the DFF have cost over 20 millions NKR (aprox. 3,000,000 USD - BB) to the norwegian fur industry through their actions from last summer until today.

Enclosed are pictures of the fire at the mnikfarm and from the smashed furhsop.

Pictures are taken from commercial media.

Animal Liberation Frontline Infoservice - Norway "