actions reported anonymously to the DBF / ALF Press Office, Örebro:

"Winter - Örebro City: 1 action against McDonalds took place. Window commercials destroyed!

January - Örebro: Sibyllas rolling ugly little hot dog stand got 'pimped' to look much better... If you love animals. 'Murder', 'meat is murder' & 'ALF' was painted all over and some lines was drawn. wheels were cut. Every single lamp on the wagon was also crushed so now it won't be allowed to leave the parking spot where it stands at night. /ÖCV

Winter - Örebro: The new year was celebrated in an unusually compassionate way: At the big bridge just next to McDonalds in västhaga ALF & ELF was painted on several places. Dont pay for oppression & earth crisis
- GO VEGAN !!!
The ALF & ELF Family!

January: Vegan slogans was painted at 'Svampens gatukök' and it once again started look just like a grafitti wall!
The door and windows was painted to!