received anonymously:

"The Rebellious Spray Paint Brigade of the Animal Liberation Front targeted the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland in the summer of 2010. In the middle of a cool August night, the words 'WE'RE WATCHING YOU - ALF' were casually sprayed onto the Psychology Building. By choosing to engage in animal experimentation and thus take a serious position of authority in the struggle against animal life this institution was chosen as an apt target. It is hoped that by decorating the back entrance of the building, animal experimenters and their colleagues were reminded of their crimes. Moreover, however, it is hoped that it can only lead them to reconsider their position in a system that perpetuates discrimination against animals in the most viscous ways.

We in the Rebellious Spray-Paint Brigade see a future in which miserable authoritarian relationships cease to exist and it is in this future that vivisection cannot survive. One cannot doubt the immeasurable pain that non-human animals go through every day in the vivisection industry. The shock of initial transportation, to the bright lights of the laboratory room to the final and inevitable death are all symptomatic of a terrible existence. We could choose to remove or negate these symptoms but, by doing so, we will both fail to tackle the root cause and we will not truly solve the plight of non-human animals. The initial disease of speciesm is what we must tackle; we must tackle this in our day-to-day lives but also through disrupting the activities of industries who generate profit at the expense of non-human animals.

The future of all animals must be in a non-hierarchical society where no misery can be generated and all needs can be catered for. We can choose to 'opt-in' to such a society as we wish through living our lives outwit of the common structures of authority. We might choose not to vote or we may choose to become vegan. However, we can also choose to tackle the society we actively oppose.
We in the Animal Liberation Front champion economic sabotage as a feasible means of bringing the systems we oppose quite literally to the ground. Whilst our art has since been removed it has only been at a cost to these exploiters and authoritarians.

Quite importantly, we choose to engage in direct action without our own systems of authority. We have no leaders or programme to implement. Our only goal is total liberation.

The vivisection industry produces nothing but misery for the animals in it; both the murderous scientists and the murdered non-human animals. Liberation cannot exist independently and must exist in a system where all animals can live freely without fear and subordination.

This action is dedicated to Walter Edmund Bond. Keep those fuckers on their toes!

Until All Cages Are Empty

The Rebellious Spray-Paint Brigade"