Received anonymously by activists in New Zealand:

"On the morning of the 25th of February, the ÃLF (Animal & Earth Liberation Front) targetted two directors of New Zealand's largest Biotechnology company, Genesis Research & Development, for their involvement in vivisection and genetic engineering.

Genesis R&D is also involved in the worlds largest biotechnology company specialising in genetically engineered trees, ArborGen, in partnership with the worlds largest forest and paper company, other multinationals and New Zealands largest industry, Fletcher Challenge and their subsidary, Rubicon. The subsidary AgriGenesis is involved in genetically engineered plants created to produce ethanol.

Paint stipper was poured over a sportscar and SUV.

The targets were:

Dr James Watson, "New Zealands top scientist", founder and chief executive of Genesis R&D, board member of the Malaghan Institute which is also involved in vivisection and genetic engineering and president of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Dr James Watson
769 Riddell Rd,
St Heliers,
09 575-5290

Jon Andrew Cimino,
Director of Genesis R&D and Investment Banker,
53 Portland Rd,
09 524 4277

Genetic engineering is the most recent weapon of the capitalist monoculture to exploit the biosphere to harvest profit. All individuals and companies involved in this exploitation of the planet will be held responsible and their property made legitimate targets in the name of the continuing struggle for human rights, animal and earth liberation."