Compiled by German activists:

Dec 03 - Passau: A huntshop and a fish shop spraypainted and glues locked. A fish truck spraypainted with slogans. 150 circus signs destoyed as well. - ALF.

Jan. 04 - Passau: fur shop spraypainted. ALF.

Jan. 04 - Berlin: In three different shops 27 coats with fur destroyed by the TBF.

Jan. 5, 04 - The house of Stefan Friedrichs Gromoll has been attacked with rotten fruit. She works at the pathology department at Covance. "Covance poisons on a daily basis feeling creatures for profit."

Jan. 11 04 - Alfen: glues locked and red paint poured at the Harlan dogbreeder. "As long as companies like Covance and HLS earn money with the torture of the innocent, we will take action"

Jan. 14 04 - house painted with anti-furslogans of Peek & Clompenburg employee Thomas van Kaldenkerken, Weyestrasse 7 in Meerbusch. Peek & Clompenburg is a big fashion warehouse and sells fur.

Feb. 5 04 - Munster: The locks of a furshop, a huntshop and two meat stores glued. ALF."