Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"ALF Action against HLS - Wed/Thurs 19/02/04

Two more people woke up Thursday morning to the message that we will not tolerate animal abuse and exploitation, especially when its associated with HLS. The house of HLS 'scientist', John Dyke (28 High Leys, St. Ives, Cambs - Tel: 01480 466325) was spray-painted with solgans, along with two cars, which also had their tyres done. The second target are suppliers to HLS, the house of directors to Cambridge Export Documents (CED), Mr David & Mrs Joan Reader (6 Home Close, Histon, Cambridge, Cambs), their cars were spay-painted, tryes punched and had paint stripper poured over them.

If you work or are associated with HLS. Remember, we will get round to you...

For the lonely, tortured and dying in HLS. We will avenge you - ALF"