Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

5 Wickam staff had their tyres slashed and cars paint strippered at their homes. 1 staff member had his house daubed with paint and slogans:

  • Sue Loscombe, 9 Bell Hill, Petersfield (painted house)
  • Winscombe, southwick road, Mellishes Bottom (2 vehicles attacked)
  • Karl Barker, 1 Eddington Close, Bishops Waltham (2 cars attacked)
  • Joanne, 91 first Avenue, Farlington, Portsmouth (soft top ripped, paint poured in, paintstripped)
  • Suzan Wood, 20 Cheshire Close, Fareham (2 cars belonging to different workers attacked)

These addresses are from an inside source at the lab - we are in among you filth, tracking you and finding you, watching your every move - how does it feel to be the frightened ones now filth? You will pay for the souls you have tortured - believe, ALF"