Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

received 20/2 2004:

"12 rabbits and two chinchillas saved, but we were too late for the rest.

Last night we entered a building between Malmkoping and Flen where the owner breed animals for pet shops. 1000's of animals have been bred here the last 10 years and as many as 4000 animals where kept here at once. A few of months ago the place was condemned by the local animal welfare inspector. By the end of last year the faults that were found should have been sorted or no animals were allowed to be breed or kept here, but nothing had been done as far as we could see.

We had come to help the animals from this total misery. 12 rabbits, who were just skin and bones, and 2 chinchillas were saved. We found hundreds of dead animals in big black garbage bags, some of them had allready started to decay. The freezer was filled with animal corpeses. We had homes for many of these animals but unfortunatly, we were to late. We feel great sorrow for these animals and that we were not able to help them from their fate. It is known that the owner kills animals by throwing them hard to the floor.

The faults that the animal welfare inspector found at his/her visit was that the animals were not given enough food and water and that the facility was utterly filthy. The animals could be without food for several days and it they discovered that an animals was ill, no veterinary was called. During our visit we could confirm that not much improvement had been done. The cages with animals were very dirty and some even broken. In the nursery needles and cannulaes was left all over the place.

We found the chinchillas in the bathrooms were they didn't have any access to sand, even though the law clearly states it. The sand is essential for the chinchillas, so they can keep their fur in good health. You could clearly see that these chinchillas hadn't had a sandbath in a really long time, if ever.

The owner to the breeding facility also run a pet shop in Flen where he/she trains and educates animal welfare inspectors. Now we see why the animal welfare laws are not followed in Sweden.

Respect the animals, DBF (Djurens Befrielsefront)"