Some reports not originally found on the Bite Back website have been reported by local activists in Italy. They have since been included in the 2003 review.

"february 26 -Lecce:
HLS auditor Deloitte & Touche gets sloganized and massively flyposted in the area.

february 28 -Rome:
Two Deloitte & Touche offices sloganized

March 13 -Torino:
A monument for the forthcoming Olympics imprisons a duck in a small pond, with no grass or food. the duck is liberated and brought in the countryside.

March 25 -Torino:
University department using animals from Morini farm gets all doors locks glued, walls sparypainted and a banner is left on site.

April 11 -Forlì:
Two fur shops paintbombed. Two activists have been incriminated for this action and more paintbombings in the city.

April 16 -Torino:
HLS customer Sumitomo have their door glued and walls
spraypainted for the third time.

April 27 -Torino:
University customer of Morini farm glued again.

May 30 -Cremona:
Syngenta seeds, biotech multinational and HLS customer, receives an arson attack with devastating damages to vehicles and machinery. On site a slogan was left reading "No gmo's - No Syngenta - No pesticides - sab Biotech". Another Syngenta seed store had been burned the previous year not far from there.

June 7 -Treviso:
24 cash machines of a bank financing biotech research sabbed the day before a big biotech event.

June (date unknown):
Morini farm have their gates locked.

August 15 - Sissa (Parma):
Agrobiotech multinational Pioneer Hi-Breed, owned by HLS customer DuPont, receives a multiple arson attack at their machinery. Their harvesting season is in trouble. "Pioneer pollutes sedds - fire to biotech" ws the message left on site.

September (?)- Forlì:
An attempt to free minks at a fur farm at least damages their fences.

September 10 - La spezia:
One thousand fishes liberated cutting the nets of a "farm" inside the sea.

October 15 - Udine:
Another attempt to free minks from a farm failed because of an alarm after all the fences had been cut.

November 20 - Filago (Bergamo):
An electricity plant serving the nearby Bayer factory bombed. an explosion damaged the electricity plant, and some unexploded incendiary devices have been found. The action has been claimed against the involvement of Bayer cropScience in GMO's.

December 20 - Torino:
RBM lab worker finds his car ruinde with paintstripper, cars slashed and windows smashed.

december 27 - Torino:
One more RBM worker received the same treatment at his car."