Received anonymously by activists in the US:
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"In the early morning hours of February 3rd, the Animal Liberation Front answered the cries of the imprisoned souls inside the death camp walls of the West Los Angeles animal shelter, California, U.S.

We decorated the walls with Animal Auschwitz, Your pet murdered here and Death Camp. ALF logos were also painted on banners and the front glass door and walls. We slashed all the tires of five Animal Auschwitz prison vans in the hopes that animals are running free today because the prison vans were temporarily disabled.

We are not terrorists, but today's freedom fighters. We no longer can sit back and watch the above-ground movement be spun around with lies, deceit and illegal tactics. Hahn and Greenwalt's regime has awakened the underground and we intend to continue fighting back for the animals.

Los Angeles Animal Control may have money, power and guns, but the ALF has passion and commitment. When the sun goes down, it's a level playing field."