actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"Närke/Kumla: 'the kangaroo liberation front klf keep up the new prohibition. No more kangaroo meat is to be found! -we will not stop until all kangaroos run free'

Eskilstuna: 'Eskilstuna 2010: many actions have been done in the shadows of eskilstuna, sweden. Mostly the targets have been the meat indstry. Many meat commercials such as mcdonalds have been sprayed down and kebab places smashed up. Also circus signs have been put away.'

Eskilstuna 2011: winter: laluna pizzeria was smashed.

Eskilstuna winter of 2011: 'billyboys gigantic banner was stolen. We'll give it back WhEN YOU VEGANIZE YOUr BUSINESS..animals dont wanna be kebab.'

Eskilstuna- feb 2011: 'A streetcommercial for kebab made of metal was thrown away out of sight...(without harming nature of course)'

Örebro city ?/?: 'akvariekällarn who sell live fishes got their ultra expensive walls destroyed and some slogans was painted. For all life -tlf'

Örebro city: 'vedugnen kolgrillen at väster in örebro was sloganized. Öcv.'

Örebro city v. 5 n' 6.: 'the last? Of village kebabs shitty comercials was broken. The killers seem to learn there lesons. Örebro city vegans'"